CMD Prototyping – Client Testimonials

A Series of Fortunate Events Creates CMD Prototyping

CMD Prototyping came to be very unexpectedly for three Laurentian University Mechanical Engineering students, Daryl Dominique, Jorden Colwell and Joshua Martin.

CEO of CMD Prototyping, Daryl Dominique, certainly had much to say about Regional Innovation Centre, NORCAT and how it had an extremely large influence on getting their gears started so early.

“The idea of CMD Prototyping was a project that we planned to take on ten years down the road. However, through a series of fortunate events we wound up being connected with the people at NORCAT, and since then the entire idea has developed a life of its own.

“Through working with NORCAT we were able to help develop a Student Business Plan Competition that allowed students with an entrepreneurial spirit to get their ideas out there and garner the support and resources needed to continue to help our community. In our case, NORCAT has offered us incredible mentorship, contacts, networking opportunities and even workspace to help build our company. Today, CMD Prototyping exists and is beginning to grow largely due to the assistance of the wonderful people over at NORCAT, and for that we cannot possibly thank them enough. Personally, I can’t wait to see what Sudbury can become with the help of the innovative capacity contained in this building.”

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