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Making Online Shopping Social

At the age of seventeen, still in high school preparing to graduate, young tech entrepreneur Alexis Fuller recognized an opportunity to make online shopping more engaging and social. Online shopping is something most individuals do in the private of their own home. It’s simple – you browse, purchase and within 7 to 10 business days a package arrives at your door. Other than possibly speaking to the delivery person, you’re not interacting with anyone.  Contrast this with the experience of physically going into a bricks and mortar store and engaging with customer service representatives and gathering important insight that will help you make purchase decisions. With the continued growth in online shopping, social media, and young people getting online, Alexis knew that making online shopping social would work.

Alexis worked closely with a variety of NORCAT Innovation Mill mentors to assist in validating the market and revenue model, preparing her investor pitch / valuation, and developing the functionality and user interface for her integrated mobile application.  “My Innovation Mill mentors have been crucial to the process of starting my venture and without their help I would not be where I am today” said Alexis Fuller, Founder and CEO of online social shopping application FashionCircle.

Alexis was selected to present at the Innovation Mill’s 2015 Pitch event in May 2015.  As one of four presenting ventures she was selected as the People’s Choice award as the venture with the biggest market opportunity.  “Without the assistance of the Innovation Mill’s mentors and pitch coaches, I’m not sure I would have been able to get up there and pitch like I did”.

Alexis is continuing to work with the NORCAT Innovation Mill mentors and will work towards launching her venture while pursuing post-secondary education.

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