With 25 years of experience, Jannatec is leading the way as one of the preferred communication solution providers of total wireless networks to mines in Canada and throughout the world. Its Jannatec Jet Lab and the Jannatec Edge of Technology house engineering staff, technologists, and technicians that are redefining communications in the mining industry.

Jannatec specializes in the development and deployment of a variety of dynamic communications devices. Its uniquely designed cap lamps are light-weight, longer-lasting, and incorporate two-way radio systems, RF identification tags, and collision avoidance technology that works with miners, heavy equipment, and vehicles.

Jannatec credits NORCAT’s Underground Centre for allowing meaningful and practical testing and showcasing of its technology in an operating mine environment – a Centre situated in Sudbury that is unique to the global mining industry. Above ground at the NORCAT Centre, it’s the cluster of informative individuals, mentors, and expertise under one roof that has supported Jannatec in their growth and development in new lines of products.


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“From Jannatec’s perspective, the best thing the NORCAT Innovation Mill has to offer us is their staff. From IT to administration, they’ve been extremely helpful to us in any and all of our endeavors. They bend over backwards to assist us with showcasing our products and help to exhibit our company on the global stage.”

— Wayne Ablitt, Co-Founder and President, Jannatec