KOMRI Systems – Client Testimonials

Simple solutions to complex industry problems

KOMRI Systems is a Multi-Disciplinary Consulting Company based out of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The areas of expertise are mainly software development, automation and robotics. Keeping up to date with the state of the art in technology, KOMRI Systems can provide very simple solutions to complex industry problems. In a very short amount of time the company has done projects in aerospace, mining and the medical industry.

NORCAT has been a large part of KOMRI Systems very quick growth in various ways. The various events and gatherings, continuous support from the Innovation Mill team but most importantly being immersed in a small community of like-minded individuals. According to President, Karim Omri, “The most valuable part of NORCAT is the camaraderie between all the individuals in the building. There is so much collaboration between all the residents. We have been introduced to a large number of influential people and agencies that had a huge impact on the success and growth of the business. ”