Leak Prevention LTD. – Client Testimonials

Leak Prevention LTD.Protecting the environment & conserving customers assets

Leak Prevention Ltd. is a system that maximizes the life of wear parts. The system monitors your pipe or fitting to warn you before it leaks. Leak Prevention works to protect the environment, human health, and customer assets by providing smart coatings and linings that detect pipeline failures before they happen.

Since the company’s inception, Leak Prevention has worked closely with the NORCAT Innovation Mill team. “We owe a great deal of our success to the help and mentorship provided by the NORCAT Innovation Mill. They were able to work with us to validate our idea, assist with prototyping, connect us with patent lawyers / applications, provided us with revenue models and marketing assistance. We were fortunate enough to pitch at their inaugural PITCH 2014 event” said President, Dan Chamberland.

Dan Chamberland continued, “The assistance from the NORCAT group greatly reduced the time it took to go-to-market strategy. We are pleased to say that we are in commercial production of the product and have legitimate international interest in it”.

Learn more about Leak Prevention at www.leakprevention.com