Maestro Mine Ventilation is an award-winning, Sudbury-based company that is known for its innovation, research, and product development for the global mining industry.

Ventilation is one of the most important aspects in underground mining. Quite simply – miners require clean air. A simple concept, but one that faces increasing complexity when there’s a combination of diesel powered vehicles, ore blasting, and gas vapours thousands of feet below ground.

Maestro has always been an early adopter of communications technology. The company’s approach to mining technology has seen the company develop leading-edge intellectual property and new products at an astounding pace. The company leveraged the NORCAT Underground Centre to install and showcase its effective and efficient ventilation monitoring system to mining customer prospects from around the world.

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“The partnership Maestro has developed with the NORCAT Innovation Mill is predicated almost entirely on the leadership NORCAT has brought to this sector. We see the hard work the organization does to foster and promote technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship and we have been proud to support and be part of the NORCAT portfolio as it moves Sudbury into the future.”

— Michael Gribbons, Vice-president of Marketing and Sales, Maestro Mine Ventilation