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McLachlan EntertainmentDeveloping local industry talent

McLachlan Entertainment is a low-budget feature-film company specializing in quirky romantic-comedies and heart-warming dramas.  Based in Sudbury, it prioritizes hiring northern Ontarians in key leadership roles with the goal of developing the local industry talent.

CEO and writer/producer of McLachlan Entertainment Amanda M. Darling learned about NORCAT through its free Entrepreneurship 101 classes.

“Looking for a fairy godmother for your business?  Call NORCAT.  These guys and gals walk the talk.  I have a strong creative background, but I knew nothing about running a business and without NORCAT, my first business venture would have stalled more often than a teenage driver during her first manual-transmission lesson.  Entrepreneurship 101 classes are practical, actionable and designed to get your business off the ground at whatever pace you choose to set: Quentin Tarantino-style or something more appropriate for Terrence Malick.

“The NORCAT mentors’ goal is to help you succeed.  Period.  How refreshing and rare is that in the world today?  They take your vision for your organization and work with you to make it a reality.  They’re patient and understanding with new entrepreneurs, even when one particular new entrepreneur needed a mentor to explain a concept for the eight time (but then I finally got it!).  Their networking opportunities led to equally awesome encounters, and I’m excited to continue my relationship with NORCAT in the future.  There are not many organizations that can help a business at every stage of development, but NORCAT is one of those organizations.

“If you have rich, elderly relatives, you should visit them, but if you don’t, you should visit NORCAT!”

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