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Software Company Focused on Bringing Effective Solutions to the Mining Industry

Minalytix is a software company that is focused on bringing intelligent and effective solutions to the Mining and Mineral Exploration Industry.  By leveraging the latest available technologies they help Mining and Exploration companies transform data into important information, wisdom, and knowledge needed to find new ore bodies and mine them.

Since the company’s inception in 2013, Minalytix has worked closely with the NORCAT Innovation Mill team, who has provided various support including mentoring services, affordable office space, and great networking opportunities with industry contacts and government funding agencies.

According to Minalytix President, David Peres, “the relationship and support of the NORCAT Innovation Mill team, has allowed us to grow our business much faster than we expected.  We have benefited directly from being part of the NORCAT ecosystem by gaining an instant network of key industry contacts.  These contacts include government funding agencies that have helped us with product development, media outlets that have helped to promote our business, like-minded entrepreneurs that have been very willing to share their ideas and experiences with us, as well as some new clients that are co-residents here at the NORCAT facility.  Without having to worry about many of the usual pains of starting up a business such as finding appropriate space, furnishing an office, spending time setting up IT and phone networks, and so on, we have been able to focus all of our energy on the more important aspects of our business.  Within the year that we have been at NORCAT we have increased our office space 3 times without any disruption, and will be moving into a more permanent 2000 square foot office space in the coming months.  This type of service and flexibility is unbelievable, and has been a key contributing factor to our company’s early success.  Without the help of NORCAT, my partner Rob Patterson and I might still have been working out of our basements trying to figure out a way to see the light of day.“

After one year in business, Minalytix has tripled its employee base and expanded its office space from 300 to nearly 2000 square feet.  Vice-President, Robert Patterson claims “The NORCAT Innovation Mill team is incredibly supportive, and is always there to provide a helping hand as we encounter new challenges along our entrepreneurial journey.  Whether it is in the form of office expansion, or putting us in touch with the right contacts in industry, the NORCAT Innovation Mill is always there to assist, and this is invaluable to any startup.”

Learn more about Minalytix at www.minalytix.net.

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