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MyComitteeMaking my life easier to manage!

MyCommittee is an easy-to-use, online web application that allows users to skillfully manage boards, committees, and other groups that meet regularly. MyCommittee is dedicated to improving committee work for businesses, non-profit agencies and community groups through the use of “best practice” guidelines and tools. It is also one of the first web applications to utilize cloud technology, which enables clients to centralize their information and access it from any location.

MyCommittee creates a user-friendly way for members to create agendas and minutes, follow-up on assigned tasks, collaborate through forum-like discussions or threaded messages, and manage and share documents. The application also offers a range of productivity tools that allow users to create polls for member feedback, create and export lists of resolutions in several formats, view meeting statistics, and access MyCommittee on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

NORCAT has been fortunate to work with such a talented client as Jeff Sutton of MyCommittee. Jeff says, “the difference between NORCAT and the other development organizations I have interacted with is that NORCAT was intent on finding a way to assist as opposed to simply following the process. Always available, NORCAT listened, questioned, and suggested possibilities.” MyCommittee houses their servers at NORCAT, which ensures that all client information is in a secure centralized location and accessible 24/7. Since working with NORCAT, MyCommittee has acquired 17,000 clients.

Jeff is an insightful and innovative entrepreneur and we look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

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