NORSE – Client Testimonials

NORSEA young team of like-minded, students / entrepreneurs combined their knowledge of programming, computer aided design, and manufacturing to create the start-up company, NORSE (Northern Ontario Robotic Solutions and Equipment) in the summer of 2013. The award-winning Lo-Ellen High School Robotics team, Colin Roos, Edmund Nobel, Alex Bertrand, Mateo Neville and Xuan Han spent their last summer before university working vigorously on the first of its kind floating robotic tool. NORSE’s mandate is to create innovative and autonomous vehicles to fix environmental challenges within the community, across the nation, and world-wide.

NORSE  was an ideal fit of the NORCAT Centre and quickly utilized program offerings and in-house expert advice. Colin Roos, co-founder of NORSE said, “The incubator space at the NORCAT Centre has been extremely valuable to us. Having the ability to connect with the other residents and clients allows us to receive an array of guidance. Without the access to shop space and help of one resident in particular, we would not have been able to complete our prototype.” The NORCAT Innovation Mill has attached NORSE to exceptional local entrepreneurs/mentors, who have guided them throughout the process. These connections have been extremely beneficial to the start-up, whether they were avenues to funding options, or just a place to call home during the design and build phase.

On August 26th, NORSE launched their second vessel ODIN 1.5 on Simon Lake in Sudbury for the general public and media. ODIN is the first agile algae skimmer created specifically for Lake Stewardship groups and for lakeshore algae harvesting. The group of young entrepreneurs will continue to improve their product and process throughout the school year; you can find them in the NORCAT Commons in the wee hours of the night, working tirelessly.  They have equally been an inspiration for the NORCAT community through their expression of energy,  vision, and “can do” attitude.

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