Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions – Client Testimonials

Plan A Health Care Staffing SolutionsA Plan Fit for Long-term Care Industry

For many years, long-term care facilities in the Greater Sudbury Area relied on agencies in Southern Ontario to provide them with registered nurses (RNs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs) to fill work shifts. Long-term care facilities in the Northern Ontario region now have a new and innovative organization to help – Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions.

Plan A is the first staffing agency of its kind in the north, providing nurses and personal support workers to short-term employment shifts in long-term care facilities throughout the province. While the recent growth is exciting on its own, what really sets Plan A apart is their dynamic and proprietary scheduling technology that has enabled the company to significantly grow and scale in a relatively short time frame.

Plan A founder and CEO, Sheri Tomchick, claims that, “Having the opportunity to attend the NORCAT Hot Topics events, participate in the CEO Peer-to-Peer roundtable discussions, and engage with experienced mentors, has been extremely valuable for my business. I have gained many important and long-lasting relationships from participating.”

As for upcoming milestones, Tomchick claims that, “Plan A has grown exponentially – all of our goals have been met, and then some.” Since Plan A has surpassed their goals, they are now focusing on recruitment and adding more members to their team.

“NORCAT pushes the envelope for local startups and entrepreneurs. They help us think big and want to see us succeed. Sudbury should be very excited to have an organization that does this.”

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