Soreltech – Client Testimonials

Bringing custom electronic projects to life

SoreltechSoreltech focuses on bringing custom electronic projects to life. Their specialties include: printed circuit board design (PCB’s), schematic development and embedded programming.

Soreltech also designs and builds their own line of RFID controllers which can be used in a variety of real world scenarios. They will make your design a reality and will do it on time and on budget.

“The NORCAT Innovation Mill has helped my company with affordable office/ lab space, providing me with the equipment I need to get the job done.” says Bill Sorel, Owner/Operator of Soreltech. “There is also a steady support stream of individuals who don’t hesitate to give a helping hand when required.  The Innovation Mill is providing me with a safe home base while the company finds it’s legs which is exactly what it’s mandate is.”