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StaffStatQuestioning the status quo leads to an innovative game changing software

In the spring of 2014, Sheri Tomchick, President of Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions and sister company StaffStat, pitched her software at the inaugural PITCH 2014 put on by the NORCAT Innovation Mill, winning the People’s Choice Award.  Since then, StaffStat has seenexponential growth in the market. Two years later, StaffStat is averaging over 150,000 texted shift notifications per month.

Born from the frustrations of filling sick calls in healthcare – an industry with a 100% higher absentee rate than any other, StaffStat allows schedulers to access staff and fill shifts with the touch of a button. The software allows schedulers in health care to reach every eligible employee using text message, email, telephone pick-up and recently launched app for iPhone and Android, covering shifts and job requests when sick calls come in. StaffStat completely automates the call-in process that typically takes up 1-2 hours/shift and completes the task in less than 1 minute.

Although, StaffStat is primarily focused on the healthcare industry, CEO Melanie Morin believes the software has the potential to reach other markets and sectors. “We’ve had industries outside of the healthcare sector approach us. The construction industry has found a need for this software in their operations – we intend on finding the right expertise to assist with the expansion into these other markets”. Melanie has been with the company since inception in 2014. With her expertise and knowledge of the healthcare industry, Melanie works directly with clients and customers in the to ensure the software is meeting the industry needs.

Prior to StaffStat, sister company Plan A Health Care Staffing Solutions worked closely with the NORCAT Innovation Mill team. “NORCAT has provided us with exceptional mentors – these individuals continue to work with both Plan A and StaffStat. Our mentors have connected us with the right people in the Sudbury community, and continue to provide extremely valuable feedback to help us with the growth of our company”, said Melanie Morin.

This past winter, StaffStat received NOHFC funding that will help with internal labour, app development, marketing and infrastructure / operating costs.

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