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SymboticwareCommunicating Big Data Underground!

When he first started out, Symboticware’s CEO Kirk Petroski’s goal was to develop a technology that would monitor and regulate productivity in an underground mining environment.  This technology would also ensure worker safety, company sustainability and profitability.  To achieve this he and his team created the SymBot, a device that takes advantage of real-time data collection and analytics to achieve this lofty goal.  Since then, Symboticware has partnered with local mining companies to test and use their technologies, and has also recently ventured into new markets both nationally and internationally with projects in the United States and South America.

Over the last few years Kirk has worked closely with the team at NORCAT.  Through this relationship, NORCAT has been able to connect him with the resources he needed in order to achieve his goals and address needs specific to his start-up.  Attending events such as the NORCAT Hot Topics Series have also helped him to continue learning and improving his business by injecting it with new ideas. According to Petroski, NORCAT has been extremely helpful, not just for him, but for also fostering an innovation and entrepreneurship community here in Sudbury.

“The NORCAT team has been phenomenal and a great asset to our company. When I started the company five years ago, Northern Ontario had certain areas of support to offer, so to fill the gaps we sought out people and organizations in Toronto. Today however thanks to organizations like NORCAT most of these resources and understanding of the innovation and commercialization process are now available for entrepreneurs located here in Sudbury” says Kirk Petroski, CEO of Symboticware.

As a result of being able to access these resources, Symboticware has successfully taken four products to market, with another set to be available within the next six months.  The company’s most successful products include the SymBot (hardware/software device that collects, formats, and forwards information from remote locations) and the Speed Guard (prevents mobile equipment operators from speeding in the mine).  All their products are designed and developed here in Sudbury.

For more information on Symboticware check out their website or check out this video to see their products in action

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