TesMan Inc. – Client Testimonials

Creating the right solution for underground challenges

Since the company’s inception in 2003, TesMan’s goal has been to “reduce underground mining extraction costs by adopting motion capture technology to jumbo drill alignment”, and having the ability to create the right solution for an array of underground challenges through the development of a range of sensor technologies.

Through multiple innovative mining solutions, TesMan has been known to reduce costs of as well as reduce risk at the face. TesMan has created multiple programs that allow for accurate communication among workers and their projects underground.

Celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, TesMan has grown from 600 square feet to over 2000 square feet at the NORCAT Centre – which according to co-founder Rod Steele, is “an outstanding milestone. Everything in the building is so interconnected. Our location has been extremely beneficial to our success over the years.”

Clara Steele, co-founder of TesMan, states that, “Since 2003, NORCAT has given us guidance. Whether it has been for funding, third-party networking, or the ability to showcase our products and designs, one of the biggest benefits has been the creation of an entrepreneurial environment throughout the building. This environment allows us to brainstorm with other companies, you can draw from everyone that’s here – everyone has something to offer.”

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