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Timelined ConsultingEntrepreneurial Education + Mentorship = Success

Starting a new business can often be frustrating and confusing but fortunately it doesn’t have to be!

With decades of Healthcare, Project Management and Process Improvement experience, when Timelined Consulting Inc. went fully operational, we suffered from a lack of direction. It seemed as if  we were doing all the right things a start up should do –  networking, building service products, testing, learning etc. however it seemed as if our company was missing something. It was obvious we needed some mentorship and guidance from entrepreneurs, who have ‘been there, done that’.

In our search for mentors we found NORCAT. Little did we know NORCAT provides mentorship and advisory services to those involved in the entrepreneurship sector. In the first mentorship meeting with the NORCAT mentors, we received key pieces of invaluable advice that provided the company with a much-needed change in our approach to our strategy. For example, like most other small businesses, we did not have a lot of capital for advertising, marketing etc. thus we thought about the option of giving away our services for free for a period of time to certain clients to build awareness and the benefits of our services. The NORCAT mentors explained how doing things this way would not be as ideal as we originally planned and encouraged us to focus our efforts on going out and getting paid business instead, which we did.

While speaking to the NORCAT mentors, we were advised to join the Entrepreneurship 101 course, in which we learned about multiple aspects of starting a new business, developing products, demonstrating value and even had the opportunity to have other successful entrepreneurs come in and share their stories and answer questions of how they’ve gone from startup to success. This course also provides us the opportunity to network with others in a similar situation and help build a sense of entrepreneurial community.

The NORCAT mentors have provided great tips, which we implemented into our business right away and within two weeks of being coached we had three new contracts under our belt. As our clients and proposals keep getting bigger we continue to draw on NORCATs mentorship program to help us navigate the consulting world in a successful manner. Sudbury is very fortunate to have NORCAT encouraging entrepreneurship and providing us with invaluable mentorship services, which only helps accelerate our growth cycle and business development. We are actively looking to create jobs and grow our team in the new year and this would not have been possible without NORCAT.

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