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Contractor Orientation

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What is the Contractor Orientation program?

In co-operation with Ontario mining companies, NORCAT has developed a common Contractor Orientation Program.

The two-hour program focuses on:

  1. The safety rules and proper working practices for construction workers, and
  2. The general rules of conduct and work etiquette required of contractors working on company properties.

NORCAT's Computer-Based Training materials ensure that the quality of the training program remains consistent.

NORCAT's central database offers clients easy access to accurate training documentation.

A successfully trained participant receives a NORCAT Contractor Pass. The NORCAT security pass allows the holder access to properties of participating companies.

Training Benefits

What advantages can sponsor companies expect?

  • Companies can be assured that contractors receive a standard, consistent level of training and testing.
  • Companies gain access to accurate, up-to-date training records and documentation.
  • Companies are free of the costs and liabilities associated with general orientation training.
  • Companies are able to identify and track workers who have completed NORCAT training.
  • Companies can access records to evaluate contractor training and work-safety records

What advantages can contractors expect?

  • Contractors do not need to repeat general orientation training at the work sites of participating companies.
  • Contractors receive recognized safety training at reasonable cost.
  • Contractors can access readily available employee records.
  • Contractors are assured that their workers receive a standard, consistent level of training and testing.
  • Contractors have access to documented training records that meet ISO standards.

What advantages can individual workers expect?

  • A worker's training records are documented and maintained.
  • A worker's training records can be easily and quickly transferred to participating companies.
  • A worker does not need to repeat the general orientation program if he/she changes companies.
  • A worker's Contractor Pass is accepted by all participating companies.
For information about Contractor Orientation please contact NORCAT:

Phone: 705-521-8324, ext. 401
Fax: 705-670-2193