Contractor Orientation

What is the Contractor Orientation program?

In co-operation with Ontario mining companies, NORCAT has developed a common Contractor Orientation Program.

The two-hour program focuses on:

  1. The safety rules and proper working practices for construction workers, and
  2. The general rules of conduct and work etiquette required of contractors working on company properties.

NORCAT’s Computer-Based Training materials ensure that the quality of the training program remains consistent.

NORCAT’s central database offers clients easy access to accurate training documentation.

A successfully trained participant receives a NORCAT Contractor Pass. The NORCAT security pass allows the holder access to properties of participating companies.

Training Benefits

What advantages can sponsor companies expect?

  • Companies can be assured that contractors receive a standard, consistent level of training and testing.
  • Companies gain access to accurate, up-to-date training records and documentation.
  • Companies are free of the costs and liabilities associated with general orientation training.
  • Companies are able to identify and track workers who have completed NORCAT training.
  • Companies can access records to evaluate contractor training and work-safety records

What advantages can contractors expect?

  • Contractors do not need to repeat general orientation training at the work sites of participating companies.
  • Contractors receive recognized safety training at reasonable cost.
  • Contractors can access readily available employee records.
  • Contractors are assured that their workers receive a standard, consistent level of training and testing.
  • Contractors have access to documented training records that meet ISO standards.

What advantages can individual workers expect?

  • A worker’s training records are documented and maintained.
  • A worker’s training records can be easily and quickly transferred to participating companies.
  • A worker does not need to repeat the general orientation program if he/she changes companies.
  • A worker’s Contractor Pass is accepted by all participating companies.
NORCAT Contractor Orientation

NORCAT plays an indispensable role in the training and development of contract employees entering heavy industry, with the use of computer based training. NORCAT’s industry site indoctrinations and specific programs capture industrial basic needs. Through their training systems they are able to highlight the important safety aspects and expectations of all those entering the working environment that if not presented properly could result in an undesirable event. This is why they have continued success in being industry’s leader in shared communications of workplace indoctrinations.

Tom Gunn
Industry Leader

For information about Contractor Orientation please contact NORCAT:

Phone: 705-521-8324, ext. 401
Fax: 705-670-2193