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Darryl H. Lake

Founder and Former CEO - NORCAT

Darryl has served on a number of committees and boards relating to technology. As a founding board member of the former Ontario Centre for Resource Machinery Technology, located in Sudbury, he is very much aware of the difficulties and opportunities for technological development in Northern Ontario. He was a member of the Premier’s Ontario Science and Innovation Council (OSIC) and is presently a member of The Leaders’ Roundtable on Commercialization of The Conference Board of Canada and the Ontario Minerals Industry Cluster-Commercialization Working Groups.

Darryl is the Founder and former CEO, of the Northern Centre for Advanced Technology Inc. (NORCAT). This Technology Centre is involved worldwide in product and prototype development primarily with small and medium sized enterprises and in Occupational Health & Safety Training and Industrial Hygiene. Having worked with government agencies such as the Canadian Space Agency and NASA, as well as over 80 private sector companies, NORCAT has developed or adapted over 200 technologies and assisted over 30 small company starts.

Darryl has been employed at Cambrian College for the past 35 years and held the following positions: Coordinator, Chemistry/Metallurgy/Physics, Chair, Chemistry/Metallurgy/Physics, Dean, Health Sciences, Trades and Technology, Director, Ontario Centre for Ground Control Training and the Northeastern Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Resource Centre. Darryl is also a member of the Executive Committee of the College. Darryl has also chaired and served on the Provincial Heads of Technology.

M.Sc. Chemistry 1968 - Carleton University
B.Sc. Chemistry 1965 - University of Ottawa