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Library's main branch launches makerspace

Ashley Boucher, emerging technology librarian with the Greater Sudbury Public Library, demonstrates the use of the library's 3D printer, located in its new makerspace. Photo by Heidi Ulrichsen.

Libraries were created because books were so expensive and difficult to obtain for the average person.

But with the Internet making information instantly available, libraries are evolving beyond their traditional role, said Brian Harding, Greater Sudbury Public Library's manager of library and heritage resources.

Technology is much the same as books used to be — some people can afford it, but many others can't, he said.

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NORCAT Innovation Mill

Leaders hope to inspire new visions for Sudbury

Sean Murray, medical director of the Family and Child Program at Health Sciences North, addresses a Chamber of Commerce Leadership Luncheon Tuesday as fellow presenters Dominic Giroux, president of Laurentian University, NORCAT CEO Don Duval and John Gunn, of the Living With Lakes Centre, look on.

Four community leaders came together Tuesday at a chamber of commerce event to share their thoughts on what makes Sudbury an attractive place to live and what will enhance its culture and economy going forward.

Sean Murray, head of pediatrics at Health Sciences North, said his dream is to create a freestanding medical facility for children in Sudbury.

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