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Manning Innovation Awards

And the winners of the Manning innovation awards are…

Each year for the past 33 years, the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation has recognized Canadians who have developed and successfully marketed their breakthrough ideas. This year’s four winners, unveiled exclusively at Macleans.ca, hail from diverse backgrounds. But they all are responsible for innovations that could affect the world in big ways.

Here are this year’s winners of the Manning innovation awards, who will receive their awards at a ceremony in Ottawa on Oct. 22...

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NORCAT Innovation Mill
5 Ways To Prepare For a PR Crisis

5 Ways To Prepare For a PR Crisis

My phone rang recently with a stressed-out executive on the other end of the line. He had a communications crisis on his hands and he got my name from another company I do work with. I already knew about it because it was all over the news. So, I asked him a few standard research questions I already knew the answers to:

  1. Can you send me your crisis communications plan?
  2. How much media training have your spokespersons received?
  3. What is the main message you're trying to communicate?

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