Charged is an annual design and technology event with a mission to educate and inspire. The goal: to bring together the design and technology communities to encourage collaboration and education that will cultivate long term relationships and a more vibrant tech community in Sudbury.

This year Charged focuses on User Experience — the relationship between users and products — and explores why UX matters and how it can increase the success of any project.

“User experience is simply how people feel when they use a product or service. In most cases, that product will be a website or an application of some form. Every instance of human-object interaction has an associated user experience, but, in general, UX practitioners are interested in the relationship between human users and computers and computer-based products, such as websites, applications and systems.” – Interaction Design Foundation

The Charged Conference features talks from prominent industry leaders with unique and engaging perspectives on the intersection of technology and design, that will offer attendees insights to leverage collaboration between the two disciplines.