Startup 101 — Generating Sales with Brian Vendramin

Brian VendraminDescription:

You’ve identified your brand, you’ve built your website and you have a marketing plan in place. Next step? It’s time to sell the product or service that you’ve created! Sales is the lifeblood of every business, but how do you approach and hook your first customers? This week, Cambrian College marketing professor Brian Vendramin will explore how to generate your first sale and how to design a sales strategy to help you on your way to start generating revenue.

Speaker Bio:

Brian has been part of the Cambrian College community for 30 years. He is a Professor in the School of Business and Information Technology, and is also the host of ‘Business with Brian,” a regular column of CBC Radio’s Morning North every second Monday. In 2017, Brian was profiled in the Maclean’s College edition that highlighted the technology he uses in the classroom, along with insights into why he is such an effective and popular professor. CBC and Tim Hortons, you can’t get more Canadian than that, unless you are drinking Tim Hortons at Canadian Tire!

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