Startup 101 – Money, Money, MON-eh! Raising Capital and Funding Your Startup

Bernie AhoEven the most brilliant and dedicated entrepreneur needs something more than an idea and an unbreakable work ethic: they need resources that will afford them the time, tools, and people to grow their idea. In other words, they need money. Entrepreneurs need capital to achieve their business goals and meet significant milestones, whether they’re launching a new product, acquiring key customers, or reaching a revenue goal. Bernie Aho, CEO and Co-founder of TImeHero Inc., will explain how startup funding works and provide an overview of the main avenues to raising capital, what  you need to do before trying to raise funding and where you can go to get it.



Bernie Aho is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of TimeHero Inc., a Silicon Valley-backed Automated Work Management platform, with global clients such as Alpinestars and 247 software. He also Co-Founded and serves on the board of ConceptShare Inc., the world leader in Creative Operations Management, used by many of the Fortune 500 including Hasbro, HBO, and Macy’s.  He is a serial entrepreneur and his background includes over 22 years of experience in tech startups starting at the age of 19 has raised over $10M in funding from VC, angels, and government over his career in roles such as Chief Design Officer, Product Manager, and Marketing Manager.

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