Startup 101 – Social Media for Startups


Social media marketing is now considered to be a cornerstone of marketing strategy for all types of businesses and organizations, however, understanding how to get on the right platform, at the right time and in front of the right audience can be overwhelming and time consuming! On Wednesday, November 29, join us for a special Startup101 delivered by one of Canada’s preeminent social media gurus, Karen Schulman Dupuis, dedicated to social media strategies for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses. Karen will be sharing her insights into how social media platforms can perform together to deliver marketing success, the latest trends and new developments in the social media landscape and best practices to deploy them.


Karen Schulman Dupuis is a business designer with a specialty in digital and social media. She brings her extensive experience in the fields of sales, education, operations, process design, business analysis, project management and marketing communications together in order to guide businesses on how to design internal efficiencies that create eternal opportunities. She is an intrapreneur and an award-winning communicator who, for almost 20 years, has worked with startups and entrepreneurs in the field of ICT (information, communications and technology). Karen previously held business development and digital communication manager roles with the ICT Venture Services Group at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto

Startup 101 is a FREE course that provides practical, relevant, advice for those who are interested in starting their own business.