Innovation Mill Facilities

The NORCAT CommonsThe Commons:

The Commons is a creative and dynamic place designed for entrepreneurs to work together and share ideas to accelerate the growth of their scalable and sustainable businesses. Being a member of the Commons means you have a flexible month-to-month, co-location working space that brings you together with other like-minded entrepreneurs to share ideas, enhance your network, and discuss challenges and opportunities to help you expedite the growth of your business. To join this group and have an address in one of Canada’s leading innovation centres, you must first connect and engage with a Mentor. If you have not done so already, access our Discovery Document to apply to join our organization.

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The NORCAT IncubatorThe Incubator:

As you continue to grow and scale your business, you will undoubtedly need to “graduate” to more formal, dedicated, longer-term office and / or shop space to accommodate your evolving staff and business needs. Similar to the Commons, the Incubator is dedicated space, but offers more privacy for clients that are still keen to participate and work with others in our vibrant ecosystem.

If you are interested in learning more about being a part of the Incubator, reach out to the Regional Innovation Centre Coordinator.

The NORCAT Long-Term Residency ProgramThe Long-Term Residency Program:

The Long-Term Residency Program is designed for our larger, flagship anchor tenants that play an active role in our innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurial ecosystem. These tenants often require greater than 5,000 square feet of space and are engaged on a multi-year contract. If your business is interested in being in our ecosystem, having close proximity and access to other high quality entrepreneurial endeavours, and committed to contributing to a dynamic community, then reach out to us and will we schedule a follow up meeting with you.

If you are interested in learning more about being a part of the Long-Term Residency Program, reach out to the Regional Innovation Centre Coordinator.

Event Facilities and Conference Space

NORCAT Underground Centre

The Innovation Mill is the only regional innovation centre in North America with a fully referenceable operating mine that provides both startup ventures and multi-national companies with the resources, infrastructure, expertise, and equipment required to design, prototype and test their equipment in an underground operating mine environment.

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