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Occupational Health & Safety

NORCAT’s Health & Safety Resource Centre

The Health and Safety Resource Centre provides expertise in health, safety and environment issues ranging from industrial hygiene consulting services to instructor led training and information sharing.

Training Offered:
  • Workplace health and safety training
  • Generic & site-specific WHMIS (ongoing)
  • Spills response (site-specific)
  • Chemical toxicology
  • Air monitoring for Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) members
  • Site specific hazard awareness training for certified JHSC members
  • Confined space awareness
  • Confined space entry
  • Respirator use & care (including self-contained breathing apparatus)
  • Specific hazard awareness training (PCB handling, Asbestos awareness)
  • Transportation of dangerous goods for drivers
  • Transportation of dangerous goods for shippers
  • Transportation of dangerous goods for receivers
  • General laboratory safety
  • Office safety awareness

Consulting Services

Monitoring Airborne Hazards

Industrial hygiene air sampling to ensure compliance with H&S legislation relevant to your workplace. Resource Centre personnel will provide you with a report detailing monitoring results, interpretation, and recommendations based on legislation and available guidelines.

Indoor Environmental Quality Assessments

For businesses and educational facilities monitoring to determine source(s) of concerns and providing recommendations to alleviate the problem(s) by applying available indoor environment legislation and guidelines.

Monitoring Bioaerosols (Airborne Fungi)

Inspecting your workplace for visible signs of mold growth and water damaged building materials in order to provide recommendations for remediation or further sampling that could include monitoring for airborne fungal spores.

Workplace Hazards Assessment

Includes a thorough walkthrough inspection to determine the existing and potential hazards in your workplace, hazard classification, and recommendations for improvements to the H&S of your workplace.

Preparing In-House Health & Safety Programs

To ensure that everyone at your workplace understands H&S issues, Resource Centre personnel can help you in establishing a site-specific in-house H&S management program.

Workplace Health and Safety Training

NORCAT's Health and Safety Resource Centre can provide instructor based and general training on a variety of topics from Transportation of Dangerous Goods to Occupational Health and Safety for Supervisors. Please call for a complete list of available training programs.

For information about the Occupational Health & Safety Resource Centre:

Phone: 705-521-8324, ext. 224
Fax: 705-670-2193