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Our Residents

As a division of the Boudreau-Espley-Pitre Corporation, BESTECH was created to address the need for a group dedicated to system integration and industrial automation.

Recognized as leaders in the automation industry, the firm has enjoyed sustained growth since its inception and has since carried out numerous projects over the decade.

The Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization (CAMIRO) is a not-for-profit organization run by the mining industry to manage collaborative mining research.

Former multi-sponsored research efforts MRD, MIROC, and MITEC, have been amalgamated in CAMIRO to improve service, reduce duplication and increase efficiency of administrative expenditures.

Dura 21® employs an advanced form of cryogenics, in addition to other durability-enhancing techniques, including Surface Modification, Lubricant, Enhanced Alloying, and Part Manufacturing Technologies.

This state-of-the-art, patented technology extends the lifespan of machinery and parts.

In light of ever-changing technology, Jannatec's goal is to manufacture products of excellent quality that exceed the needs of their customers at a competitive cost. They accomplish this in a safe manner with respect and care for the environment.

Jannatec Technolgies has been servicing the mining industry for over 15 years specializing in quality products for underground mining applications.

Krücker Manufacturing manufactures and develops light-weight aircraft as well as their amphibious float trike system.

TesMan Inc. is a consulting firm and innovative product development company for the mining industry. With over 70 years of combined international mining experience, they create solutions to mining's most challenging problems.

Their Industrial Motion Capture System allows the miner to mine with repeatable accuracy on jumbo drills, saving on development costs, maintenance costs and improving tunneling safety.

Minalytix is a software company that is focused on bringing intelligent and effective solutions to the Mining and Mineral Exploration Industry.

By leveraging the latest available tools we can help you get the most out of your important data to provide you with the information that you need to keep you focused on what you do best - finding new ore bodies and mining them!

CMD Prototyping provides creative design services, three-dimensional modeling and rapid prototyping while allowing the client to retain intellectual property of the final product. Aimed towards assisting small businesses and individuals, these services hope to allow more unique and innovative ideas a chance at succeeding past the difficult stages of invention.

Using powerful CAD software and 3D-printing technology, CMD Prototyping aims to bring your idea to life in a quick and affordable manner.

Join a group of residents with like-minded dreams, ambition and aspirations.

Whatever your business type may be, NORCAT can offer a variety of services to improve your business and to facilitate new business partnerships.

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