Starting a Business in Sudbury

Starting a Business in Sudbury

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Starting a Business in SudburySo, you have a great idea for a business. Now what?

This, for many, is a dilemma that doesn’t always have a clear answer. Where/who do I turn to for help?

The nice thing is that the support an aspiring business owner is looking for is available right here in Greater Sudbury. You just have to know which doors to knock on (and if you’re an entrepreneur you need to get used to doing a lot of knocking).

Anyone looking to start a business in Sudbury should start with the Regional Business Centre located downtown in Tom Davies Square.  They offer a whole suite of services for local entrepreneurs.  These include assistance with business plan writing, seminars and ‘how-to-sessions’ on business basics, access to various databases for market research, and help determining what government funding might be available to you.  It’s also the place to register your new business.  Any entrepreneur from any industry or walk of life can receive services through the Regional Business Centre.

Opening door number one leads you to a room where there are several choices for door number two. In here you’ll find government organizations like the NOHFC, FedNor, & IRAP (grants and funding, as well as business development advice), along with the City’s development corporation, and service providers that can help you with all sorts of things from prototyping (check out the Fortin Discovery Lab), to assistance with your accounting.

It’s also where specialized organizations like CEMI (specific to mining innovations) and the NORCAT Innovation Mill find themselves.

We too offer a number of programs and services to help our clients meet their business goals, but we’re a little different in that we work exclusively with tech companies.  Meaning we’re sector agnostic, as long as you’re exploiting some new technical innovation or have intellectual property you’re developing and are one day hoping to commercialize.

If you fit that bill and are interested in how the Innovation Mill might be able to move your start up along, I would encourage you to fill out our online Discovery Document.

Other resources in town that are also here to help include Cambrian Innovates (great for industry/academic collaboration), the Sudbury Youth Entrepreneurship Hub (for students interested in entrepreneurship this resource is for you!), and the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce (they provide networking and educational opportunities, and advocate on behalf of businesses in the city).

There you have it, a quick snap shot of the ecosystem in place to support businesses here in Greater Sudbury.


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Kyle McCall is the Coordinator of the NORCAT Innovation Mill. Kyle works directly with Innovation Mill clients, helping them navigate Sudbury’s start-up ecosystem, and is also actively involved with NORCAT’s community partners, helping organize new programs and events for the business community.

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