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One of the biggest obstacles of starting a business is knowing where to begin. Whether it’s understanding your market, developing your business model, or simply getting your idea on paper, it all begins with the right education and resources to help you answer the tough questions and get your business started on the right path!

September marks the launch of Startup 101 (formerly Entrepreneurship 101). Startup 101 is a free course that provides practical, relevant, and hands-on knowledge for those interested in starting their own business. This course offers a series of free weekly lectures delivered by “been there, done that” entrepreneurs and local business experts. These lectures cover a variety of topics aimed at providing participants with the information they need to start and grow a business.

The course will feature 25 lectures, Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm- 7:00pm* at the NORCAT Centre. Registrants are also eligible to compete in the NORCAT Startup Competition for a $5000 cash prize.

* Time depends on the week. Please refer to the course calendar.

Course Syllabus

Location: NORCAT Centre, 1545 Maley Dr., Sudbury

Course Hours: Every Wednesday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm

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Start-Up 101 is a free weekly lecture series featuring key topics related to starting a successful business. Topics include funding your business, marketing, recruiting, protecting intellectual property, and more.

The course culminates in our Startup Competition, in which select Startup 101 students compete for a $5,000 prize.

Wednesday nights, from September to March, topics are presented in lecture format and delivered by entrepreneurs and industry experts. Audience members have the opportunity to ask questions and network among peers. Lectures are free to attend and participants can attend as many as they wish, but a NORCAT Entrepreneurship Education Certificate will be granted only to those whom attend 20 out of 25 lectures.
Participants who have attended 20 out of 25 lectures will be issued a NORCAT Entrepreneurship Education certificate at the end of the course. Attendance will be tracked and each person will be able to check themselves in at the beginning of each lecture.
  1. Getting Started – Introduction to the basics of starting a business. Exploring what a value proposition is, how to create a business model, how to conduct market research, and working on a business model canvas.
  2. Development – Understand the processes of taking your business from concept to commercialization.
  3. Market – Define the process of identifying your target market, preparing to enter the marketplace and communicating your value proposition to your customers.
  4. Money – Understand the various financing methods available to startups, including how to prepare an investor pitch, how much money to ask for, and what resources exist for you in your community.

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What do our students have to say about Startup 101?

“I appreciated having access to recorded lectures through the website”

“I am so pleased this initiative was launched!”

“The NORCAT staff was incredible!”

“ENT101 was a mechanism for me to educate myself and gain the necessary knowledge to start me business.  I truly believe that I would not have been able to start my business in the timeline that I did without the ENT 101 course. I highly recommend the ENT 101 program to anyone who has any inclination of starting their own business.”


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