Startup Followup : “You are not ON social media, you ARE social media”– Social Media for Startups and Entrepreneurs with Karen Schulman Dupuis

Lindsay Lane Blog

The evolution of social media has been rapid and there is no indication that it’s going to slow down. There are currently more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, with 23 million of those users right here in Canada. Social media is influencing consumer purchase now more than ever, and opting out of this impactful marketing channel is …

"How to Rock the Social Interwebz" with Karen Schulman Dupuis

NORCAT Innovation Mill Presents – How to Rock the Social Interwebz

Hailey Short Blog

“Social media is not going away, choose wisely” – Karen Schulman Dupuis Using social media to build your brand, your business, your life – can be chaotic and overwhelming. Understanding the latest trends in social media and knowing what works for you and your business can be a difficult task. Karen Schulman Dupuis joined the Sudbury community at the NORCAT …