Preparing to be an Entrepreneur

Kyle McCall Blog

First Step Prep In my last piece I described the organizations and services available to would-be entrepreneurs here in Greater Sudbury. This post will delve into what a would-be entrepreneur should (ideally) come prepared with for that first meeting. 1) Have a well articulated value proposition Even at a very early stage, your value proposition should be clear. If you’re …


Embedded Executive


By MaRS Discovery District The Embedded Executive Funding program is designed to foster the growth of novel Ontario-based technology ventures by helping them engage an Embedded Executive—a C-level or other senior-level executive who will work with the venture to accomplish specific short-term goals or milestones. This program will provide ventures with up to $50,000 (which includes costs of HST). It requires that the venture …

Boldly Building a Silicon Valley in Canada... for Mining

Boldly Building a Silicon Valley in Canada… for Mining


By Joe Lee – Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Montreal, and Vancouver are all recognized tech clusters in Canada. But the story around a new hub in Sudbury, Ontario can be traced back to a round of golf between Kirk Petroski, the CEO of Symboticware, and Dick DeStefano, the Executive Director of SAMSSA (Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Service Association), where Petroski …

Connected World

Mining & Metals + Internet of Things: Industry opportunities and innovation


By Joe Lee and Kelley Prowse – MaRS Discovery District The mining industry is as vital to today’s global economy as ever before, yet it is at a crossroad. It is an industry that is currently combating multiple adverse global trends such as falling commodity prices, a slowing global economy and skilled labour shortages. In an September 2014 interview for …

Ilse Treurnicht

Innovator shares lessons learned in business


By Lindsay Kelly When seeking out women role models, you can’t do much better than Ilse Treurnicht, the CEO of the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. Treurnicht excelled in school and athletics, becoming South Africa’s national middle-distance running champion. But her privilege as a white woman living in the era of apartheid posed ethical challenges for the conscientious student. A …

Cynthia Goh

Scientist harnesses power of tiny particles and young minds


By Paul Attfield – The Globe and Mail Cynthia Goh is no stranger to risk. A native of the Philippines, Dr. Goh was just 18 when she first came to North America, with what she describes as “no money, no nothing,” to take up a scholarship at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. Now, years later, as a long-tenured professor of …

Amanda Darling

Entrepreneurship 101 surpasses filmmaker’s expectations


By: Jonathan Migneault – Sudbury Northern Life First-time filmmaker Amanda Darling never expected she would become an entrepreneur one day. “I’m not business focused, mostly,” she said. But to produce her first movie, “A lot like Marriage,” Darling knew she would need to hire a cast and crew and become an employer, at least for a short period of time. …

"How to Rock the Social Interwebz" with Karen Schulman Dupuis

NORCAT Innovation Mill Presents – How to Rock the Social Interwebz

Hailey Short Blog

“Social media is not going away, choose wisely” – Karen Schulman Dupuis Using social media to build your brand, your business, your life – can be chaotic and overwhelming. Understanding the latest trends in social media and knowing what works for you and your business can be a difficult task. Karen Schulman Dupuis joined the Sudbury community at the NORCAT …

Up-Start! Competition 2014

Kyle McCall Blog

The crowd mingled, and the anticipation was palpable, as presenters fought their way through any last minute jitters and received encouragement from friends, family and acquaintances. Finally it was time to start. Everyone took their seat, and the pitches got underway. Last night NORCAT Innovation Mill’s Entrepreneurship 101 course (ENT 101) culminated in the very first Up-Start! Competition held here …

Smart Meter Pilot Program

Pilot results show Ontarians could save $50M from new Smart Meter based program


Greater Sudbury Hydro, Ecotagious and MaRS partner to motivate customers to conserve electricity SUDBURY, TORONTO and VANCOUVER, CANADA, April 28, 2014 – Ecotagious, with the support of MaRS Discovery District, is pleased to announce the results of its pilot program with Greater Sudbury Hydro Inc. which delivered a cost effective 3% reduction in electricity consumption for winter peaking utilities. Like …


Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario


TORONTO, ON (March 18, 2014) – is pleased to announce the launch of a province-wide social enterprise mapping project, Mapping Social Enterprises in Ontario, in partnership with Pillar Nonprofit Network and with the support of the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment. The goals of the province-wide social enterprise mapping project is to …

Studio Y launches: A world of possibility for young changemakers


By Hamoon Ekhtiari – MaRS How do we create our best selves, so that we can build a better world? Earlier this year, the Government of Ontario invested $10 million in a five-year leadership, innovation and impact initiative for young people through MaRS called Studio Y. It’s an amazing announcement, but with so many deserving sources for funding, we asked …

Energy apps for Ontario Challenge

Ontario Launches Energy App Challenge


Province Supporting Innovation and Helping Consumers Save Money Ontario is inviting software developers to build new apps that will help Ontarians conserve electricity and save money. In partnership with MaRS Discovery District, the Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge is offering $50,000 to support the best new apps that use electricity data collected by smart meters. These apps will help Ontario …


Helping Social Enterprises Grow


Ontario Brings Together Investors and Socially-Minded Businesses Ontario is partnering with MaRS Discovery District to launch Social Venture Connexion (SVX). Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Employment, rang the bell to open the stock market today to celebrate the SVX which will connect investors with businesses and organizations that focus on making positive social and environmental impacts. …