NORCAT Underground Centre

Underground Training Centre

The NORCAT Underground Centre provides clients with a range of hands-on training programs that are not available elsewhere in Canada. The former Falconbridge Fecunis Adit Mine in Onaping, Ontario serves as the perfect location for NORCAT’s four-week Common Core Training program and a range of specially customized programs.

The layout is ideal for equipment and vehicles, accessible from two surface level entrances (Adits) in the side of the landscape, as opposed to drilling down into the earth. Higher elevations in the mine provide natural ventilation and drainage, with no need for water pumps or hoists.

The Underground Training Centre can also be utilized by companies wishing to use the facilities for specialized or proprietary training. Our team of experienced trainers will work with you to help design and/or deliver your programs as required.

The NORCAT Underground Centre has been used for promotional photography of mining tools, equipment and machinery in an underground environment, as well as a filming location for TV and music videos.

NORCAT Mine Products

The mine has developed a number of devices to be used for special mine applications. The Mine will work with equipment suppliers to make and distribute these devices.

There is no facility in Canada that can compare with the present facility; the projects and activities planned for the future should move this facility and the NORCAT profile steadily and strongly forward. The NORCAT Green Mine plan, we believe, has quite significant potential for new projects and increased profit for both NORCAT and the SME supply services companies.

Download Map to NORCAT Underground Centre.