Vale Specific Training

VALEVale Global Golden Rules

The Vale Golden Rules program was established by Corporate Vale to demonstrate the value , “Life Matters Most”. These Golden Rules are instructions – Primary Fatality Prevention Controls that are critically important to prevent fatalities. Many of the instructions originate from well established Health & Safety Management System programs in place in the Vale Base Metals business such as: Zero Energy State/Idenfity, Tag, Lock, Check; Confined Space; Working at Heights; WHMIS and Management of Change.

This program is offered via computer-based/ online training.

Length: 60 minutes
Cost: $ 29.95

Vale ZES – Full Program

This program consists of ZES Core Module (ZES001) and ZES Tagger Module (ZES003). Both modules for the full program are instructor-led.

This program takes approximately 8 hours to complete: This program currently has a one-year expiry date. This program is intended for personnel who will be performing work on company property.

Length: 8 hours
Cost: $125.00

NOTE: There is a strict 8:00am start time for this program.

Vale ZES001 – Core Module

Minimum required ZES program for entry to Vale property. This program is theory only and is meant for non-working personnel who are entering the property.

This module is offered via computer-based/ online training.

Length: 30 minutes
Cost: $ 29.95

Vale ZES003.2 – Mobile Tagging

This instructor-led program is for anyone who requires personal protection on running mobile equipment.

Length: 20-30 minutes
Cost: $0

Vale ZES003.3 – Designated Tagger

This instructor-led module will provide knowledge as to how to lock and tag electrical and mechanical isolation devices while working on mobile equipment.

It is intended for anyone who installs and removes project personal protection (lock boxes) and manages status tags (Designated Tagger) and all persons accountable for workers who perform the role of Designated Tagger (Supervisors).

Before taking this module you must have successfully completed ZES001 and ZES003.

Length: 4 hours
Cost: $50.00

NOTE: There is a requirement date of March 31st, 2016 and a strict 8:00am start time for this program.

Vale ZES004 – Supervisor

This module will provide those who have supervisory accountability within this program knowledge of how the program is to be administered and changed (if necessary), intended to anyone who supervises others requiring personal protection, managing status tags, or filling the role of Designated Tagger.

Before taking this module a supervisory MUST have successfully completed ZES001, ZES003, ZES003.2, and ZES003.3.

Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $25.00

Vale ZES003R – Review

If a client has previously completed the full ZES program and is coming back to renew this program before the one-year expiry date, he/she will complete the ZES review.

This program is instructor-led.

Length: 1.5 hours
Cost: $ 40.00



For information on Vale Specific Training Programs please contact NORCAT:

Phone: 705-521-8324
Fax: 705-670-2193