Why should you care about entrepreneurship education?

Hailey Short Blog

Entrepreneurship can be learned. But the key, according to the Kauffman Foundation, is to provide education at “teachable moments” — when you are thinking about starting a business or ready to scale it. What entrepreneurs need isn’t the type of abstract course they teach in business schools, but practical, relevant knowledge you can apply to your business. Here’s our list of the top 3 reasons entrepreneurship education can help you with the kick start you need.56928987

  1. 1+ (?) = stellar team 

You’re a one-person startup, but what happens when you’re ready to make that jump and hire your first employee? How does one go about hiring? How does the process work? What do the benefits look like? How crucial is the right team? These questions might look like they’re easy to answer on paper, but what happens when it comes to actually hiring your first employee? Knowing what resources are available to help you through the process is your first step. Actually applying this knowledge comes second. This is where startup education comes into play. Learning about your options and what suits your business needs is crucial.

  1. “Been-there, done-that”

No, this isn’t your grandmother speaking to you. Learning from experienced entrepreneurs, who have been-there, done-that can be extremely beneficial to your journey. Not only do they offer imperative knowledge about particular experiences, they offer a sense of inspiration to keep you moving forward. These entrepreneurs can offer the most valuable information to your startup – not everyone tells the same story, and this can be helpful.

  1. Get your hands dirty

Practice makes perfect, right? Learning from the ground up can certainly be difficult and challenging, however receiving the right, hands-on guidance can alleviate quite a few headaches along the way.  Attending workshops can significantly kick start your startup journey. Experienced professionals can walk you through the fundamentals of starting a business, whether it’s developing your business model canvas, your value proposition or learning how to interact with the media.


This fall marks the launch of our newly, revamped Startup101 program. Startup101 is a free, 25 week program that provides practical, relevant, and hands-on knowledge for those interested in starting their own business.  This program embodies the true culture of entrepreneurship, and aims to help local startups get the kick start they need.  The course will feature 25 lectures, Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm- 7:00pm* at the NORCAT Centre. 

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