Wolves can be the London Knights of Northern Ontario: Zulich

Hailey Short News

Originally published on Sudbury.com by Matt Durnan


Sudbury Wolves boss Dario Zulich spoke to a crowd of roughly 50 people at the NORCAT Centre on Nov. 23.

The CEO of TESC Contracting Company Ltd., partner in his family owned business Zulich Enterprises, and owner of the Sudbury Wolves spoke about his journey to where he is and his plans for the Nickel City in the future.

Much of what Zulich discussed early in his lecture tied into what he is looking to accomplish with the Sudbury Wolves.

“I wasn’t the greatest student and didn’t get the best marks but there was always a tenacity and a will,” said Zulich. “It was about never giving up.”

That’s the attitude that Zulich looks for from his players and the Sudbury Wolves organization as a whole.

While on-ice success is of great importance, Zulich stressed building quality people first and foremost.

“Our goal is to turn these 16 year old boys into complete, 20 year-old men,” said Zulich. “We want to be building complete people, mind, body, and spirit. When you look around, nine out of 10 kids don’t make the NHL so we want to make sure that we’re building young men who are ready to go out into the world.”

The talk was part of NORCAT’s Startup Series, which runs every Wednesday with free informative talks for entrepreneurs young and old.

Zulich covered the expanse of all age groups by touching on his time as a young property owner, to his latest venture into building an entertainment complex in Sudbury that he hopes will improve the quality of life for all Sudburians.

“The Wolves are a small piece of a much bigger picture,” said Zulich. “I want to provide family entertainment for Greater Sudbury. I think the Wolves can be the London Knights of Northern Ontario. The Wolves have the power to change an economy.”