New joint Deloitte Norcat mining innovation report looks at opportunities & challenges in powering the future of mining

In their latest joint mining innovation report released February 27 entitled Powering the future of mining – from energy technology to core design, Deloitte Canada and Norcat argue that developing the mines of tomorrow requires forward-thinking energy strategies and the integration of emerging energy solutions into today’s operations. "The means are almost here: emerging, game-changing technological innovations are becoming more financially viable. There is opportunity for mining companies to reshape the way mines are designed and steer energy strategies toward broader transformational shifts." But the trend toward electrification, digitisation, and decarbonisation also means leaders need to understand the benefits to the business – and the potential implementation challenges–to plan and adjust to the new energy future.

"With the cost reductions, predictability of energy costs, as well as social licence and acceptability factors already well in play in the industry, more examples and success stories of large-scale energy solution implementations can be expected as leaders expand their understanding of the role of energy in the mine of the future. At the same time, the absence of one-size-fits-all solutions increases the burden of exploration and assessment on mining leaders, leading them to have to test all possible technology combinations. Understanding these interrelationships can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly, especially when each mine has a unique context. It is imperative that technology and mining companies find the right balance of flexibility to create a tailored solution for the specific context of an operation."

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