NORCAT and AMI Collaborate to Cultivate a Skilled Workforce for Torex Gold's Journey into Underground Mining at the Media Luna Project

NORCAT Advisory welcomed Victor Francisco Hidalgo Araya and Erix Alcayaga González from AMI to NORCAT's headquarters in #Sudbury on June 28-29th. 2023.

In the ever-evolving world of mining, where adaptability and continuous innovation are the bedrock of success, Torex Gold's Minera Media Luna (MML) company in Mexico is undergoing a significant transformation from surface mining to underground operations. Recognizing the importance of upskilling their workforce for this endeavor, Torex Gold has selected industry leaders NORCAT and AMI to develop and deliver comprehensive training programs to prepare and equip new and existing workers with the confidence and competence required for the future of their operations.

Torex Gold's ambitious undertaking entails recruiting and training a diverse workforce encompassing various roles crucial to underground operations, including driller assistants, construction miners, jumbo operators, and more. The demand for skilled workers is substantial, necessitating a proactive approach. Leveraging their unique set of knowledge and expertise, NORCAT and AMI is crafting a robust curricular plan to outline the training requirements, objectives, timelines and resources necessary to ensure that incoming workers acquire the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in their respective roles.

Leveraging AMI's expertise in boots-on-the-ground training and profound understanding of the Latin American mining industry, combined with NORCAT's unrivaled proficiency in curriculum development and training strategy, this collaboration is an ideal match for Torex Gold's needs. Engineer Dick Araya, MLP Mine Manager and Engineer Manuel Flores, MML UG Operational Readiness Leader, emphasizes the significance of this partnership: "By working together, AMI and NORCAT will bring complementary strengths to the table, which will allow us to develop an operational workforce with excellent competency profiles and jointly being able to contribute to innovative solutions that address the challenges facing our Media Luna mining project."

Together, AMI and NORCAT will design, develop and deliver 16 specialized courses to meet Torex Gold’s unique needs, including two introductory courses providing workers with a solid knowledge foundation, followed by 14 role-specific programs tailored to various organizational roles. From bolter operators to battery electric scoop operators, each individual course will focus on developing the skills and competencies necessary to excel in the role.

To create an immersive learning experience that aligns with Torex Gold’s commitment to innovation and transformation in the mining industry [link to article re: BEVs], NORCAT and AMI will adopt a hybrid/blended learning model for program delivery, incorporating a combination of classroom instruction, instructor-led components, equipment simulation and hands-on practical training to provide a dynamic and forward-thinking approach to training, ensuring that workers not only acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, but also gain firsthand experience with the latest technologies adopted by the Media Luna Project. The first group of workers is scheduled to commence their training in August 2023, and, with a commitment to excellence, AMI and NORCAT aim to have an estimated 231 workers complete their training by December 2025.

The partnership between NORCAT and AMI serves as a testament to the vital role collaboration plays in the mining industry's future. Trina Hayden, NORCAT's Chief Advisory Officer, emphasizes this point, stating, "The partnership between NORCAT and AMI exemplifies the importance of working together across borders to drive meaningful and sustainable impact within the mining industry."

Víctor Hidalgo Araya, AMI’s CEO / Training and Development Manager, accentuates the significance of the collaboration, saying that "by working together, AMI and NORCAT bring complementary strengths to the table, enabling us to develop innovative solutions that address the challenges faced by the global mining industry, starting with Torex Gold."

By combining their expertise and resources, NORCAT and AMI are contributing to the growth and sustainability of the global mining industry, creatively addressing its opportunities and challenges to make a meaningful impact. This collaboration not only enhances the capabilities of the workforce, but also fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation and knowledge-sharing for the industry’s future.