Unique Mining Facility Gives NORCAT the Edge

Sudbury facility is a global leader for training and demonstrating mining technology

Don Duval, the CEO of the Sudbury-based NORCAT mining skills training centre said this week that his facility is often the place where the builders of new mining technology get to prove their products and services to the buyers of technology.

He said the fact that NORCAT also has a fully operating underground mine to showcase new products and services makes all the difference for innovators and buyers.

Duval was speaking and promoting the Sudbury facility before an international audience at the annual Prospectors and Developers convention being held in Toronto this week. He was one of a series of speakers featured in the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase, which is the largest pavilion in what has become the largest mining and prospecting convention in the world.

Duval said aside from being a global leader for skills training for mining and other resource industries, NORCAT aspires to be the one-stop-shop for all that is the future of mining technology and innovation.

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