Schauenburg Industries Ltd Expands Operations with a New Office at the NORCAT Underground Centre

Schauenburg Industries Ltd's KMAX Rigid Ducting

NORTH BAY, ONT. -- Schauenburg Industries Ltd, a leader in innovative ventilation products for the mining, tunnelling, forestry and other related industries, is proud to announce the opening of their new office within the NORCAT Underground Centre, located in Sudbury, Ontario. Access to the underground mine and like-minded businesses will allow Schauenburg to install and test products and showcase them to potential buyers.

"The original launch of our KMAX rigid ducting could not have been as successful without the cooperation and strength of NORCAT in the mining sector," said Don Croteau, a Professional Engineer and Managing Director of Schauenburg. "Northern Ontario is a hub in mining, and NORCAT has played a major part in this growth. We are excited to build upon our partnership with this new location."

The NORCAT Underground Centre has effectively increased the profile of many up-and-coming products and supported unique innovations in the mining sector, including those of Schauenburg Industries Ltd. Schauenburg, currently has KMAX rigid ventilation ducting installed underground at NORCAT, along with a Portable Refuge Station and an Inflatable Stopping. The world-class facility will allow potential mining customers to view Schauenburg products in an operational mine setting.

"Schauenburg has been a long-time partner with NORCAT, and we are excited to continue our work together. The Underground Centre has become the global destination to "see and touch" mining innovations, and it is in part due to companies like Schauenburg," said Greg Major, Director of the NORCAT Underground Centre. "Their products play an invaluable role in the mine and the safety of our staff, trainees, and guest by ensuring the air is fresh and breathable."

Schauenburg has installed a cutting-edge waterproofing membrane system within the NORCAT Underground Centre in association with W. Giertsen Tunnel AS of Norway. This watertight membrane seals areas from moisture and humidity, making it ideal for working and storage areas. The self-extinguishing fabric can be easily repaired using a heat-weld process if needed in this rugged environment. The visibility underground can be dramatically enhanced by adding a simple, inexpensive lighting system against the backdrop of the membrane ceiling and walls.

Our next initiative in cooperation with NORCAT will be installing the Ventchoke product, which assists mine operations by replacing re-entry times by diverting the maximum amount of available secondary ventilation to all active headings after firing has taken place. This is an easy-to-operate product that can be removed and easily re-installed in various sections of the mine as required. It contains no ropes or pulleys to wear, tear, or replace.

Don Croteau is convinced that, "Partnering with NORCAT several years ago was an easy business decision to make. The work they have put into the facility and their vision of supporting the mining industry and its suppliers is remarkable and continues to be unique to the north. They now have global reach and deserve to be proud of their accomplishments, and we are certainly proud to be a small part of it."


Schauenburg Industries Ltd. is a company with the Schauenburg International Group and one of over 40 locations worldwide. Its products are geared to the needs of our customers, with new and innovative products being custom-designed for individual needs on an ongoing basis. Schauenburg Industries Ltd. is the only company manufacturing fibreglass rigid ventilation pipe (KMAX) in Canada.


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