WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

WSIB Approved Provider
WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

Keeping your team safe and healthy at work is good for business.

WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program integrates the strengths of their previous incentive programs into one and provides a clear roadmap for you to improve safety in your workplace, whether you are just getting started or want to improve systems and processes you already have in place.

Success in the program can earn you rebates and other non-financial recognition for your investment in health and safety.

The program connects businesses of all sizes with WSIB-approved providers to help you develop a program that is suitable for your business.

As a WSIB-Approved Provider for the WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program, NORCAT offers the following services to its members as part of the registration fee

  • Facilitate networking and sharing of best practices between members
    • Two NORCAT Excellence Program Chapter Meetings
  • Guide members in completing their health and safety assessment
  • Assist members with selecting the most relevant health and safety topics for their workplace
    • Provide a list of topics and recommended order during the introductory session for new members
  • Guide members in completing their action plan
    • Review action plan to ensure completeness and appropriateness of topics for the workplace
    • Submit action plan to the WSIB on behalf of members
  • Provide resources to help members develop and complete their health and safety topics
    • Resource documents and templates by health and safety topic
    • Information package for each step of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • Review and provide feedback on the evidence that members provide to show successful topic completion
    • Review implementation evidence to ensure alignment with the requirements prior to being submitted to the WSIB
  • Provide support to address gaps identified for topics deemed ‘incomplete’ during validation
  • Provide support to members if needed to prepare for onsite validation
  • Provide private consulting (at a NORCAT Chapter Facility or Remote)
    • Small Business (1-19 employees): 2 hours
    • Medium Business (20-99 employees): 3 hours
    • Large Business (100+ employees): 4 hours
WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program

The benefits of joining include:

  • Support and guidance from an experienced provider
  • Opportunities to network and share best practices with other like-minded businesses
  • Reduced risk of hazards and a better health and safety culture in your workplace
  • Rebates on premiums and money saved by improving your safety experience
  • Recognition to show job seekers, customers and investors your commitment to health and safety

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration for the Health and Safety Excellence Program is now open. Contact or 1-855-966-7228 ext. 316 to learn more.
  • Attend an info session:
    Understand the program and business case for health and safety. Sign up for an info session near you!
  • Join:
    Register with an approved provider (NORCAT), complete an assessment and select 1-5 topics to work on for the year.
  • Develop:
    Learn and implement safety topic(s) with the support of NORCAT’s resources and expertise.
  • Demonstrate:
    Submit evidence of implementation for review for WSIB validation.
  • Achieve:
    Receive rebates, non-financial recognition and improve health and safety in your workplace. Determine your predictability on Compass and check out WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program rebate calculator to estimate your potential rebate!

Employers can visit, call 1-855-966-7228 ext. 316 or email

Annual registration for members (paid upon registration) covers the costs of Chapter Meetings and services.

Registration fee:

  • Small Business (1-19 employees): $750 + tax
  • Medium Business (20-99 employees): $1150 + tax
  • Large Business (100+ employees): $2150 + tax

NORCAT does not take a percentage of their members' earned rebate

NORCAT will be establishing Excellence Program Chapters representing various geographical areas throughout Ontario.

Chapters provide program services, educational and networking opportunities for the mining, forestry, pulp and paper, automotive, construction, healthcare, education, government, manufacturing, transportation and retail and service.