Client Testimonials

At the NORCAT Innovation Mill, our programs, services and facilities are designed to help build and grow your business. Whether you’re a start-up, an SME, looking to expand or just starting out, we can help accelerate the growth and development of your business. Read our client testimonials to learn more about how the NORCAT Innovation Mill can help your business succeed.

Atlas Copco logo

 First in Mind. First in Choice.

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Boart Longyear

The Leader in Mineral Exploration Drilling Services.

Read Boart Longyear’s Testimonial ►

A Series of Fortunate Events.

Read CMD Prototyping’s Testimonial ►
Clickmox logo

Improving the Efficiency and Safety of Mining.

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Dr Clean logo

Convenience, at Your Service!

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Dura21 logo

Stronger, Safer, Greener.

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Fashion Circle

Making Online Shopping Social.

Read FashionCircle’s Testimonial ►

World’s Most Trusted Remote Control Company.

Read Hard-line’s Testimonial ►
Jannatec logo

 Innovative Industrial Solutions.

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 Knowledgeable Solutions from Start to Finish.

Read K4’s Testimonial ►
Komri Systems

Simple Solutions to Complex Industry Problems.

Read Komri Systems’ Testimonial ►
Leak Prevention Ltd logo

Protecting the Environment & Customer Assets.

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Maestro logo

 Improved Air Means More Time at the Face.

Read Maestro Mine Ventilation’s Testimonial ►

Safe Advances through Difficult Conditions.

Read Mansour’s Testimonial ►
Minalytix logo

Big Data Solutions for the Mining Industry.

Read Minalytix’s Testimonial ►
MyCommittee logo

Making Life Easier to Manage!

Read MyCommittee’s Testimonial ►
Norse logo

Solving Complex Problems with Robotics.

Read NORSE’s Testimonial ►
Penguin ASI logo

Industrial Mobile Telerobotics.

Read Penguin ASI’s Testimonial ►
Plan A logo

A Plan Fit for the Long-term Care Industry.

Read Plan A’s Testimonial ►
Revoluntion logo

Software Tools to Optimize Mining Operations.

Read Revolution’s Testimonial ►

Bringing Custom Electronic Projects to Life.

Read SorelTech’s Testimonial ►
StaffStat logo

Schedule Staff Cheaper, Better, & Faster!

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TesMan logo

The Right Solution for Underground Challenges.

Read TesMan’s Testimonial ►
Timelined Consulting Inc logo

Healthcare Solutions for a Better Future.

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