Exploration / Heavy Equipment Training

ATV/Argo/UTV/Snowmobile Training

Off-Road Vehicle Training

It is imperative for drivers to have a thorough understanding of their off-road vehicle to operate it in the safest way possible. The Off-Road Vehicle training courses teaches drivers the capabilities and limitations of the vehicle, how to best operate the vehicle in various conditions, and how to use good judgement in any situation. Courses include:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)
  • snowmobiles
  • ARGOs

The ATV, UTV and Snowmobile courses are 1 day each in length. The ARGO course is 1-2 days in length, depending on your needs (an in-water component is also available).

Cargo Securement

Cargo Securement, Load Security

Upon completing this program, you’ll be able to state the standard general requirements for cargo securement, describe the affects on cargo generated under normal driving conditions and state the performance criteria in the standard.

Cable Skidder Operator / Mechanized Harvesting

Cable Skidder Operator

Achieve accreditation in the entire Common Core Program for Cable Skidder Operator. Training and evaluations are provided for the specialty modules. Upon completion of the entire program, the approval of the signing authority and the trainer participants will receive full accreditation from the MAESD.

Lifttruck Operators Training

Lift Truck Operator Safety Training

In Ontario today, Liftruck accidents injure and take the lives of operators and other workers. To stop this, we must learn not only how people can get injured, but more importantly what must be done to prevent harmful situations in the first place.

The classroom course addresses information concerning key safety practices and procedures required for operators of lifttrucks. This course includes in house verification and evaluation of the participants operational safety skills on specific lifttruck and related equipment.

For information on Exploration and Heavy Equipment Training Programs please contact our Thunder Bay office:

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