FiAR is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) fire extinguisher training tool delivering a whole new level of realism and learner engagement.

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More power, less hassle.

FiAR takes your fire extinguisher safety training to the next level.

Quick Start

For quick demonstrations, quick start is the fastest way to jump into a fire extinguishing scenario. Scan desired token, ignite fire, select extinguisher and extinguish the fire.

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Create Scenarios

FiAR allows you the ability to scan your environment, creating custom fire training scenarios including fire types, size, fire count, sequence of fires, etc. Once completed users can save and name the scenario for future use.

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Run Scenarios

Once you have completed creating your scenario, you can choose to run any scenario in your saved collection. Users can rename and delete scenarios as needed.

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FiAR includes many customizable options, including temperature (celcius, fahrenheit, kelvin), flash point control, fire safe distance, and more.

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“When I first tried out FiAR I was amazed at how realistic the experience was. It had all the real world mechanisms and displayed realistic looking fires to be extinguished by selecting the correct extinguisher type.”
Tom White
-Mine Safety Trainer

Realistic Extinguisher Safety.

Set yourself apart. Harness the realism and accuracy of FiAR ensuring that learners experience a one to one application of real world fire training experiences.

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Everything you need to deliver the best fire safety training experience, wherever you go.

We sought to keep all the working parts to a minimum, delivering an exceptionally light-weight mobile friendly package for wherever your training takes you.

What's included:
  • included.image
    FiAR Patented Bluetooth Handle
    Our hand crafted extinguisher tank handle, including rechargable wall adapter.
  • included.image
    FiAR Tank & Mount
    Included is our standard 10lb tank with tablet mount.
  • included.image
    Apple iPad Pro 10'
    Included with hardware is a App Store install license for FiAR's iOS Software with lifetime subscription to updates. Includes stock iPad charging cable. (USB-C)
  • included.image
    "Pelican" Travel Case
    FiAR comes with a Pelican Protector case precut for easy product separation and storage.

Proudly Made
in Canada.

FiAR was designed and built in-house with the help of our friends in the North with the aim of delivering a one of a kind novel fire safety training experience.

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Many powerful applications in fire safety training.

Fire safety is everywhere. FiAR fits the need for a true to life fire extinguishing experience in any environment.

Real-world fire training scenarios are becomming less frequent, with FiAR you can deliver realistic true to life fire training experiences to your industrial workforce.
FiAR can help you deliver engaged and meaningful fire safety training, whether you are training corporate employees, managers, landlords, and tenants.
FiAR improves learner engagement in fire safety, training for our youth, from elementary to high school levels. Our unique training tools allow us to deliver a meaningful experience to our future workforce.
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FiAR brings extinguisher training to a new level of realism.

Created by leaders in
health and safety training for the
next generation of learners.

With over a quarter-century of experience in health and safety training and education, we pride ourselves on the ability to innovate and adapt internally, creating new and meaningful ways of engaging a new generation of learners. Our goal is to deliver critical knowledge in fire extinguisher safety training in a novel way.



Frequently asked questions that have been answered can be found below.
FiAR is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) fire extinguisher training tool, delivering a whole new level of realism and learner engagement. Our goal is to deliver a true to life fire safety training experience without putting the learner in harms way.
FiAR benefits new and existing fire safety training by enhancing user engagement, delivering a meaningful experience to each user regardless of age.
FiAR's purchase price:

$13,000 CAD.

Prices are subject to change.
If you wish to be one of the first to purchase FiAR please contact us directly.
We are looking into avenues for rental licenses for new and existing trainers and companies who wish to temporarily rent rather than owning. Official notice of this will be posted if it becomes available.
When FiAR ships, all official warranty and servicing will be posted online and be included with the product. Limited liability will cover repair or replacement of defected parts. All other details will be posted at the appropriate time.
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A new level of realism and accuracy for extinguisher training.

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Experience a glimpse into FiAR. Download the iOS App from Apple's App Store and try our free demo mode. FiAR currently support iPad's equipped with the A9 chip and iOS 12 or later installed. Please note that the experience was designed for iPad Pro 12.9-inch model.

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