General Lock Out and Tag Out Training

Lock Out and Tag Out AwarenessThe Lock Out and Tag Out Awareness program discusses the following topics:

  • The locking and tagging procedures for electrical and mechanical equipment
  • The role of all the workers involved in the locking and tagging procedure
  • The information required on the personal lock and tag. Locking out and tagging pipelines and / or process systems
  • Locking out and tagging radioactive sources
  • Lock box systems
  • Legislation pertaining to locking and tagging procedures from Regulations for Mines and Mining Plants (Regulation 854), the Regulations for Construction Projects (regulation 213) and the Regulations for Industrial Establishments (Regulation 851)
Cost: $29.95


For information on Lock Out and Tag Out Programs please contact NORCAT:

Phone: 705-521-8324
Fax: 705-670-2193