Vale General Orientation Tier 1

General Orientation Tier 1

Course description:

To reinforce the value ‘life matters most’, Vale has implemented a Contractor Site Entry Orientation, which is a graduated process to gain access to areas within a plant or site where work activity takes place.

Vale’s Tier 1 Orientation Module covers content common to all plants and establishes a core certification for accessing Vale Surface properties and prepares workers for the specifics of Tier 2 and Tier 3 modules according to individual work assignments.

All workers should be committed to reducing or eliminating workplace hazards and injuries. Whether it is a Vale worker, visitor or contractor, it is important that all sections of this module be reviewed and understood, so that everyone goes HomeSafe.

The overall objective of this orientation is to ensure workers are knowledgeable of Operational Controls, so that everyone can conduct themselves safely and within the acceptable boundaries of controlled risk within Vale Operations: Golden Rules, HR Policies, Health Programs, Safety Procedures, Environmental Controls.

The Vale Tier 1 program will be replacing the current General Orientation as a pre-requisite for VALE contractors ONLY.

Cost per person $84.00 + HST

Approximate Course Length: 2.5 hours

Note: The NORCAT General Orientation training will be ‘grandfathered in’ and will be recognized as compliant until the expiry date shown in your records.