Hard-Line Hackathon brings bright minds together in Sudbury

Computer enthusiasts visit Sudbury to come up with fresh idea for mining innovation

One might say it was reminiscent of those early days of NASA when the best and brightest minds were brought together to look at how to send men to the moon and bring them back to Earth again.

In Sudbury, some of the best and brightest minds in computer science crowded into the classrooms at the NORCAT centre in January to look at doing something a bit more down to Earth -- how to operate everyday mining equipment through Artificial Intelligence and robotics.

The event was the Hard-Line Machine Learning Hackathon, sponsored by Hard-Line, an international leader in mine automation and remote-control technology based in Sudbury. Hard-Line already employs most of the best and brightest minds in this discipline, but it doesn’t hurt to bring in a fresh outlook with a hackathon.

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