Immersive Learning Centre

The Immersive Learning Centre is a division of NORCAT, a global organization focused on developing meaningful programs and services to enhance the skills, capabilities, and confidence of our customers.

Immersive Learning CenterThe Immersive Learning Centre at NORCAT is a new venture specializing in the creation and production of interactive, immersive, and visual games, training programs, and services.  We are both a creative “think-tank” and an innovative “do-tank” working with our customers to deliver meaningful experiences in an interactive environment.

We believe that immersive learning is the future of gaming and learning / development.  Our partnerships with hardware providers including Leap Motion, Oculus Rift, and ThoroughTec coupled with our relationships leading software platforms make the Immersive Learning Center an exciting place to be as we drive a new industry.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases of our products and services – including “The Crow” – the world’s first interactive bird simulator game using the Leap Motion platform – due out December 1st, 2014.  Follow us at @ILCNORTH for details on our pending global launch.

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