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Stronger, Safer, Greener.

Since 1998, Dura21 has developed products that have been used and adopted across the continent in a multitude of industries including mining, forestry, manufacturing, and oil and gas. Dura21’s signature blue parts are now recognized industry-wide as stronger, longer-lasting, and more reliable.

Dura21’s proprietary technology has dramatically extended the life of pipes and fittings used throughout the global mining industry. By applying their patented Duragenic Process, Dura21 has revolutionized the market by significantly enhancing the durability and longevity of metal parts—in some cases, lasting up to 15 times longer than current comparable industry standards. Customers of Dura21 benefit from reduced inventory costs, fewer work stoppages, and dramatic increases in workplace productivity.

In 2012, Dura21 formed a partnership with Krucker Manufacturing, another NORCAT resident, allowing them to enhance their process with additional proprietary techniques. The relationship resulted from both companies occupying adjacent space in the NORCAT Centre. The culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration that resonates in the NORCAT “clubhouse” is the single reason that Dura21 was able to form this meaningful partnership.

“NORCAT Innovation was able to connect us with meaningful partners faster and better than we could have done on our own. Speed to market was and continues to be critical for our company. NORCAT has not only provided us with these connections, but also provided us with a nurturing and vibrant tech ecosystem to help Dura21 accelerate the growth of our company.”

David Dillon
Founder and General Manager, Dura21

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