Hogman's Custom Rods background

Hogman's Custom Rods

Based in Sudbury, Ontario, Hogman's Custom Rods started as a passion project. Ken Bellaire wanted to share his expertise, not only as a fisherman, but also as a purveyor of high-quality fishing equipment.

After years of struggling to acquire the proper gear, Ken wanted to provide the tools and equipment needed to support any kind of fishing. During their Digital Main Street engagement, Hogman's developed an in-depth marketing plan, launched a new Shopify website, incorporated Google Analytics and deployed tools to boost their presence on social media.

“I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the Digital Main Street team for all of their help. I went through both the ShopHere and FutureProof programs and the value was immeasurable. Specifically, I would like to thank the team for building my company a professional and functional website that has raised my online profile to a higher level than I could have ever done by myself. The integration of all social media platforms and the website is now flawless and easy to use. The Digital Main Street team's positive attitude and willingness to help is second to none. Their patience with my lack of social media understanding was very reassuring and they took the time to teach me how everything worked.”

Ken Bellaire
Owner / Founder, Hogman's Custom Rods

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