Minalytix background


Software Solutions for Mining and Exploration.

Bringing global experience in product development and mining software used in over 50 countries, Minalytix has grown from two people sharing a desk at NORCAT to a modern office space with a dozen employees in only a few short years. The company’s logo, the meteorite, pays homage to Sudbury and its deep roots as the world’s leading mining cluster.

Minalytix is a disruptive force in developing industry-leading mining and exploration software. The company specializes in cutting-edge software and techniques that are bringing new ideas to the mining industry. It offers expertise that integrates and maximizes existing software, analytics, and big data. When that software does not exist, they are also capable of building their own data collection tools to solve the problem.

Minalytix has taken full advantage of everything the NORCAT Innovation Mill offers. Exposure to customer prospects, innovation round-tables, industry connections, and links to government funding partners have all been vital to the growth and future of the company. The Innovation Mill’s flexibility and access to exceptional mentors have made it a leader in bringing entrepreneurs and expertise to the region.

“The NORCAT Innovation Mill team is incredibly supportive and is always there to provide a helping hand as we encounter new challenges along our entrepreneurial journey. Whether it is in the form of office expansion or putting us in touch with the right contacts in industry, the NORCAT Innovation Mill is always there to assist - this is invaluable to any start-up.”

Robert Patterson
Co-founder and Vice President, Minalytix

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